Dragon City v23.3.0 APK +MOD (Premium Unlocked) Download 2023


In such circumstances, the simple game design with many tasks is impressive for fun. The colorful backgrounds make your heart lose in the fantasy. Also, that helps to feel fantastic while playing the game. Meanwhile, 2D graphics do not stress the eyes and nerves.

Later on, the thing becomes extremely exciting when to get paid features for free. Yes, that is. Through the link button, download a modded version of the game. That helps to unlock many paid features. Use unlimited rewards, money, gems, gold, and food for free. Yes! FREE

Dragon City Information

App NameDragon City Apk
Features Unlimited (Gems/Money/Food/Dragons and much more
Offered bySocialpoint
Android OS4.4 and up
Get it ondragon city google play

Dragon City Mod APK

dragon city mod apk

The latest game Dragon City similarly attracts all-age gamers. Including toddlers, young children, and elders, everyone is fond of Dragon City Mobile. Without the division of gender, it attracts all users to it. For its colorful cartoonish graphics and simple gameplay, it is amazing.

Every stressed mind needs some mindful, happy activity to pass free time. And enjoy the sense of victory even in the game. In contrast, the 4D and HD games make it stressful to win. Besides, need to play hard for it. Indeed it increases stress rather than relieving it.


Hence, unlock the next stage in the game, like new habitats and worlds. Throughout the game, the dragons migrate from land to land. Also, increase the population of the dragons. Besides, it helps them to breed new genes for dragons in the game. These new breeds of dragons help them fight.

Yes! FIGHT. Dragon City is a story of the fight between evolutionary dragons to the master. As you progress in the game, breed mighty dragons in the hatchery. The genes of the Dragon depend on the element of the parental genes. Mean 2 fire dragon compounds make a severe and highly aggressive dragon.

Many battles and conquest decide the winner dragon. Various moves and secret weapons make the dragon fight back. At the same time, fighting might gain or lose energy. The survivor considers the winner. Indeed, the Dragon with more defense power and aggression can win the battle. Here Dragon needs more food & money to recover.


Throughout the Dragon City Game, the Dragon moves from place to place. Moreover, coding ability helps to create new dragons. Official Dragon City Cheat Charts help get robust dragons in the game. If you can understand the coding, that means you won the game. These codes help to create new breeds in Dragon City.

For breeding powerful Dragons gamers keep a pair of dragons in the suitable habitat of the Dragon City. Moreover, they have to wait for the dragon egg. Here money and reward investment can reduce the time of egg generation. When one gets the egg, one must keep it in the hatchery for a long time. The span can be short if you have unlimited money.

As the egg gets hatched, the baby dragon breaks it and comes out to the world. That cute little Dragon needs more money, food, and gems to be a big monster Dragon. The collection of the Dragon provides a variety of dragons. To play against the various enemies. Yet, it enables you to enjoy every experience of the game.

Best Features of Dragon City APK

dragon city mod apk 2023

This section form for the newbies who want to learn about the characters and features of Dragon City. If you are not concerned yet, with the overview of information, here are the details.

Unlimited Gold

dragon city unlimited gold

Unlimited Gold is the first thing you need to have in this game. That helps you to start the game and buy a pair of the Dragon. That pair will start the unit of life with an egg. User utilities in-game currency at every stage of the game. Like gold bars to buy in-game accessories for the life growth and training of the Dragon.

Limitless Gems

dragon city unlimited gems

The second most precious money in the game is a gem. In Dragon City, you can buy everything, including new dragons and eggs with gems. If you short the gems in-game, you need to buy them by investing real money. But this Dragon City Mod APK offers all in-game paid accessories.

Unlimited Money

Dragon city money

In Dragon City you can parchase everything in the exchange of  investment of gold coins and diamonds. That helps you to build your city and buy new habitats for keeping new dragons. In short, you can buy unlimited everything in the game with limitless money. Including buying new dragons, fetching babies, and freeing prisoners.

Extra Lives

Dragon city extra live

As you find your precious Dragon is losing in the game, you can defend it on the spot. Hence, the extra life option can help you regain your Dragon’s strength. Besides, it converses the loss in the victory. For that, you have to pay through in-game currency.

Unlimited Food

Dragon City Unlimited food

Food is essential to control the feeding requirements of the city. So, do it in the DragonCity. From birth to death, every Dragon survives on food. Sometimes, the shortness of food makes one exchange it for precious gold and gems. But that causes much expense. So, the modded version of Dragon City Mod offers unlimited food.

Dragon Collection

dragon city mod menu

As much gorgon you buy, breed, and free are your Dragon. That boost the collection of your Dragon. So, now you are the master of all dragons. But the MOD APK makes you buy and unlock a huge number of the Dragon on the installation of this version. Without paying any in-game or real money.

No Jailbreak or Rooting Neededno jail root

Rooting or jailbreaking your phone voids its warranties and there are so many things that can go wrong with the process that most players just avoid. The Dragon City Apk game does not need any rooting on the device. You can just download the required version and install it on your android phone to kick start the game. This modified version does not mess with your system and works like a completely normal app with no special requirements.

dragon city mod apk 2023

Anti-Ban and Undetectable

All features in Dragon City Mod APK are legal. So, you can pay it with Zero Tension of ban. Thus, without losing any account and details, you can continue your game for a long time. You can mark high and high ranks without interruption in the PVP play. Even you can use that feature for self-gaming too.

Role Playing Game

Dragon City is one of the role-playing games that allow gamers to make mistakes and learn. Such games are good for growing brains. They are stuck in the problem and find ways and solutions. As they lose, they struggle harder. In contrast, if they win, they feel so happy.

Unlimited Rewards

With a simple installation, you can earn unlimited monthly and weekly rewards. Including unlimited turns, infinity in the game, money, new eggs, and dragons. You enjoy treats. Otherwise, you have to pay real money to buy it. Or you have to wait long for your turn to come in Dragon City APP.

Limitless Breeds

Coding and official cheats of the game can breed more dragons in the game for you. So check the Dragon City Chart for barring more breeds in your dragon collection. Unlimited rewards make you buy more eggs to hatch and breed more dragons free of cost. Besides, you can hatch more eggs from the cross-genre of dragons.

Battles & Conquest

The more exciting feature of the game is its battleground. While playing the game, Dragons spit poison, rock the floor, and attack with all unique weapons. That is the practice of the fight to win against the enemy dragon. The battle and conquest enable the Dragon to combat. Both parties play on their turn.

Various Habitats

Earth dragons live in the Earthy habitat, whereas the fire habitat is best for fire dragons. But unlocking habitats need investment. Yet the modded version of this latest game provides limitless diamonds. To unlock new habitats for keeping the Dragon safe and healthy. Meanwhile, it increases the health of the Dragon.

Online PVP Mode

If your game does not own, the Player VS Player feature is the useless option of today. So, let’s check where the Dragon City Mod lies in the market. Yes, It is one of the PVP Online games that engage global players through the platform. Thus, you can play with your long distant friend facing no trouble.

Online Tournaments & Events

Dragon City Mod organizes world tournaments for all players. That’s why it keeps records of the teams and their achievements. These online events attract all professional players toward that gaming platform. So, the event becomes grand. Yet players worldwide show their creativity and skill to the audience.

Offline Mode

Suppose you are playing at your home for self-entertainment. Because you are unwilling to throw tantrums. So, you can play it offline. As you unlock this version of the Dragon City on your device, you will have automatic updates. And that makes you play the game offline, enjoying all paid facilities.

Simple Game Play

With simple gameplay, the game is pretty addictive. No hurry and furry. Combat on your turn. Create new dragons on the thought of eternity. Manage the look of your city. Fetch your Dragon. Select the suitable Dragon against the enemy dragon. When you run out of money, unlock the modded version of the Dragon City.

Many Tasks

The next thing in the feature list is many types of tasks and conquests. While playing, you don’t get bored with similar activities. Instead, you can enjoy many conquests and tasks to win. Including training and managing your Dragon in City. Meanwhile, you are responsible for fetching and breeding them.

City Building

While enjoying the game, one thing makes the mind happier when you organize the city. User can set the Dragon city according to the demand of city. Also can keep all buildings at the best suitable place to need. Meanwhile, if you find the setting insufficient, you can customize it.

Hatchery Upgradation

The next thing is an incubator to set in Dragon City. A hatchery is where gamers keep dragons’ eggs to hatch. With the investment of money, gamers can upgrade the hatchery. So, it hatches eggs more quickly and frequently. Yet gamers can breed more dragon by generation of more eggs in a short span.

Unlock Prisoners

At the beginning of the game, you will see the prisoner’s Dragon in the game. Asking for mercy and freedom. You can free them by investing gold bars and money. Moreover, you can train them for the next conquest. You need unlimited money, which comes from the modded version.

Free of Cost

In the modded version, you don’t need anything to buy. Every unlocked feature helps you. And offers you unlimited in-game rewards. So, without paying anything, you can enjoy anything in the game. Also, you mark a remarkable victory against your opponent with a drastic victory.

Ad Free

Frustration raises when unnecessary ads innterrupts. The ad makes you feel worst as you are about to reach the peak of your game or about to win. Also, you cannot skip it. To avoid such a situation, you can use the free version of the game. That is free and shows no ad while gaming.

Device Compatibility

An app owns the compatibility for all devices. So, the Dragon City Mod is compatible with all devices. Including iOS and Android, it is also suitable for all kinds of PC, mobiles, and tablets. Yet, you can unlock all modded versions in any operating system or device.

Anti-Virus Protection

One of the necessary things is the protection we need while gaming. You can’t lay the game if your device is at risk of viruses and malware. So, do the Dragon City. In the unlocked version, you get the anti-virus-protected version to enjoy. Thus your device does not face any threat of the virus.

Islands & Territories

gamers need to wait a long to unlock new Islands and Territories. But this modded version enables the user to unlock all stages. So, get ready to slay. And enjoy designing all dragon worlds. Meanwhile, you can breed all sorts of dragons. Also, keeping the correct Dragon in the perfect habitat to breed and grow fast will not face any issues.

How to Download Dragon City APK on Android?

Downloading is very easy when you get the official site link. So, here is a Dragon City Mod APK Download Button for the users to access this APK file immediately.

  • Navigate the button and click on it.
  • You will get the Modified version of Dragon City on Android or ios in a couple of moments.
  • First, install Google Play Store on the Android Device. Then Download it.
  • For more information on How to install Dragon city Mod Apk on Android keep scrolling down.

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How to Install Dragon City Mod APK on Android ?

After downloading, the next process is installation. Installation is not a complex idea. That is the series of permissions. As you want to install the game, follow the instructions.

  • Enable the UNKOWN SOURCES if disabled in the system.
  • Navigate the APK file in your system.
  • Now, Select the file setup and allow it to be complete.
  • As it completes, feed all the required information in it.
  • Next, allow all permissions and let the installation finish successfully.

Note: The installation might crash if you are already using the equal version. So, first, uninstall the older version and give restart your device. Now, try again. You will succeed.

How to connect your Facebook account to Dragon City?

Connect your social media (Facebook) account to Dragon City.
If you have a social media then it is your lucky day! You can win 10 free gems just by logging into Facebook. To log into Facebook on Dragon City.

1. Tap the Social Button on the lower left corner.
2. Tap “here we go” button below friends
3. Tap Log In and get 10 free gems which would be next to the Facebook Icon.
4. Log into Facebook through the app using your Facebook username and password.
5. Tap “claim” button to claim your reward of 10 free gems.

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Level up by Gaining XP

If you are a regular player of the game then gaining xp is not a hard task for you. It is very simple method too. For gaining XP, you have to complete goals, collect food that is in the food farms and place strategic habitats. Each time you reach a new level, you are awarded with one gem.

Unlock Jewelem’s Tower

The Jewelem’s Tower is a special tower that is attached to Lush Island. Once this tower is unlocked, you are awarded one gem every twenty-four hours. You will have to rebuild the tower from time to time. For rebuilding the tower, you will have to reach level 12. Then tap the tower and click ‘rebuild’, send your highest dragons to build the tower. Then you will have to wait for the tower to build again. You will have to do this for each additional stage.

dragon city towers

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Dragon City Mod APK is a pretty addictive game because it centers all attention. At the same, it sounds good because it helps you to leave all tensions away. And you can fall, fly and fight as the dragon master in the game. You fetch them, train them, and stay happy among your lovely dragons.

With amusement, the game provides you with a sense of security. Your emotions attach to your favorite dragons. Thus, your brain releases the hormones of happiness. And that makes you feel good and the serving godfather of your cute little dragons. Sense of achievement fills the little hearts with joys and happiness.


We hope the article helps you get all the details about the Dragon City Mod APK. And becomes your first-hand guide for the game queries. If you find it helps, support us with shares and likes. Also, ask your questions and give feed back in the comment section. Your opinions and ideas are more precious to us. Thank You!

Note: Feel free to ask any questions or leave a review in the given comment section!


Here is the answer for users who are curious about the topic and frequently ask a few questions. About Dragon City and its APK Mode, queries are here.

Can Dragon City Mod APK may hack?
Usually, it does not get hacked. But if you have some difficulty, try downloading it again and using it as new. For years users have been using Dragon City Mod APK. We didn’t witness any single report against it. Neither do we observe banned on it.
How to Download Dragon City Mod APK?
To download Dragon City Mod, click on the Download Button. And enjoy free downloading with a single click. And enjoy all paid features in this version of the game. So, get your updated version of the game to enjoy it.
Is Dragon City available for the PC?
In the initial stages, it was difficult to say. But now, Dragon City Mod APK is available for all sorts of systems and devices. Including Windows, Android, and iOS, you can run it on any device, like mobiles and tabs. click it Dragon City Download PC
How can you get Free Money in Dragon City?
Log in, level up, find a chest, and reach towers. Also, try to generate all possible rewards to get unlimited money. In this modded version, you can enjoy that feature for free. Unlimited Money is the paid feature in other games.

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