Dragon City Beginner Guide

Suppose you love APK Games like Dragon City but have no idea how to get them. And way to play it. Here is the detailed account of the Dragon City Beginner Guide for you. Few features of the game are free, and the rest are paid. From all paid features to the free features. We will describe each and everything about the Dragon City Mod APK.

APK is one of the Android Package Apps that comes free for all android mobiles and devices. At the initial stage of development, we specified the game only for Samsung Mobiles. Later on, the official websites launched the modded version for the users. Through this version, people started gaming all the paid features free of cost.

Now, you can download and install the Dragon City Games on your iPhone, Mac, and iOS devices. And that is FREE. For that, the only thing you need to do is get Google Play Store Download first. For Mac Book or PC, you need the injector or emulator before installation of the Play Store. So, you can unlock the accessible version of that premium game.

Dragon City is a Pretty addictive game that influences all age users. So, everyone wants to unlock all the stages of the game and collect a wide variety of dragons in the game. Meanwhile, it is a pretty simple and cute-looking graphic that engages all sorts of minds. Whether they are male, female, young, or aged, all love Dragon City.

Dragon City Download & Installation Guide

For the beginner user, here is the way to Download Dragon City Mod APK on your device. So, follow the instructions and Download your game’s latest and best version.

  1. Click on the link and unlock Dragon City on your mobile.
  2. iPhone users must download and install the Play Store first.
  3. It takes a while when you click on the link for downloading. So, wait.
  4. Now, navigate the APK file in your system and click on the setup.
  5. If you are using a PC, enable the Unknown Sources first.
  6. Or navigate the file in the File Manager of your phone.
  7. As you get the file, click or tap on the file to start the installation.
  8. Installation can take a couple of minutes on all devices. So, wait.
  9. As the installation is complete, it will ask for a few permissions on the first attempt.
  10. So, permit all permissions to the device and allow to start the game.
  11. Answer all are prompting windows one by one and tap on Finish.
  12. As the installation completes, go to your device’s window or main screen.
  13. There will be a shortcut on the mobile screen or an Icon on the window of your device.
  14. As you click on the icon, you enter the game’s interface.
  15. Now, select the Dragon to prolong the game.

Dragon City Events Guide

While playing the Dragon City Mod APK, you need to cover the number of Events. Such events enable you to enjoy rewards and bonuses. At the same time, it helps you to grow your in-game skill. At the initial stage, such events give you the boost to start your game as the PRO. So, try to cover all possible events.

Such events help you find the perfect competitor according to your gaming style. And if you play and defeat the famous Player of PRO Level. You become famous quickly. Through you can organize the library of your competitors. Also, grow thoroughly and defeat them one by one.

One more thing that you cover through the event is rewards. As you defeat your enemy in the game, they lose the booty that they already had in the game inventory. So, you can take that as compensation. Thus, you get the vast and unique items in that booty for just a match trophy.

Dragon City Rewards Guide

Unlimited Gold is the feature that you all crave. Because it unlocks everything closely in the game. From unique dragons to the new eggs. Unlimited food to the hatchery, close or far, everything you get from Gold. So, the reward you want to earn from the battle is GOLD. Such events and some dragons can bring unlimited Gold to you.

If you are a cheap gamer, so you can check the worth of the Dragon too. The Dragon that consumes more Gold is pretty expensive. But if it does not earn back Gold for you is useless. In fact, the Dragon that seizes fewer bars of Gold to breed and grow can be cheap. And worthy if it wins a massive amount of Gold for you.

So, try to breed the correct Dragon to get the maximal Gold in your occupation. Yet you are the hacked person. Go for the modded version’s installation. So, you can unlock unlimited Gold and Unlimited Money in a single go. ENJOY! But, if you love to struggle and enjoy every pulp of your hard work. Fulfill the requirements of the game.

Dragon City Breeding Guide

For new players, we are explaining here that breeding in the dragon |City is the fastest way to earn Gold and money. As you win or breed the new Egg in the game, you get Gold as a reward. Some rare species of the Dragon bring unlimited Gold to the breeding stage. But as the Egg gets generated successfully, that is a time to Enjoy the reward.

Next, when the Egg turns into the Dragon after hatching. It unlocks new rewards, including gems and Gold. But it also seizes little Gold for training and grooming. Some bars use to feed the Dragon back. But as the Dragon becomes an adult Dragon, it starts earning. The earnings should be in either way. Breeding or Fighting.

By the generation of new eggs and dragons, the adult dragon earns. And the result of the fight decides what your Dragon is upon. If it wins, you win Gold. Suppose it loses you lose Gold. But Breeding Dragon definitely brings the rewards for you. So, try to breed more and more Dragons in the Dragon City.

To get more and more Gold, you can breed a repetitive breed of Dragon that brings the vast reserve of Gold. Those celestial bodies are not useless. And you can immerse them in the fight again and again to reserve your favorite Dragon. And if they win, it increases your power.

also see Dragon City Breeding Calculator

Dragon City Coding Guide

Through coding, we can get the best Dragons of the Dragon City. Having the Best dragons in the game means victory in all conquest. Hence, the coding can bring unique forms of dragons into the game. And it increases the power of the dragon master. Being Dragon parents, you wish to closely have all types of Dragon in your game inventory.

Go for it. And try to breed every possible element in your Dragon through coding. But few unique dragons are exceptional. So, you cannot get them through coding. For that, you have to complete your in-game tasks and win them as a reward. Or you can have them by freeing them from prison.

Dragon City Habitat Guide

As we know, the animals live safely in their habitats, and so does the Dragon. In this game, you will see various habitats for the different dragons. Hence you can place and replace the habitats of the Dragon. To buy a habitat, you need to pay the in-game money. Or sometimes the real money.

Hereafter, if you are using the modded version of dragon city, you can unlock that paid feature for free. So, you can unlock the food farm and the suitable habitat for keeping more dragons in the game. As much you progress in the game, you unlock new entities. Moving forward can open new worlds of the Dragon for you.


How can I play better in Dragon City?

For better play, do not hesitate to make an investment. Like gems, diamonds, and Gold. Because throughout the game, you will earn the entities. So, make investments fearlessly. Try to unlock new buildings and towers. And upgrade the hatchery for more frequent breeding.

Do duplicating Dragon help?

Yes, duplication of the rare Dragon favors the game. Thus, gamers earn more unique rewards along with the unique Dragon. But duplication of typical Dragon is not that useful. Because it does not generate that much Gold, breed the unique dragons frequently.

Is Dragon City safe for your device?

Yes, the modded version of dragon city is pretty okay. And it looks safe for all sorts of devices. Because today we use devices with built-in anti-viruses and malware. So, no security issues arise when you get the modded version on the mobile or Laptop.


If you ask us, we will say that Dragon City is a pretty simple and unique game. Gameplay is so easy, and installation is quick. Its simple and cartoonish graphics makes it more appealing for all gamers. But the various players from different categories like it. For its combinations of tasks.

Thus, we can say all NOB and PRO are fond of this game. We hope the Dragon City Beginner Guide helps you in every game section. And let you enjoy all its features without difficulty if still some query remains. Please inform us. If you want to appreciate our effort, like and share the post on your timeline. Thank You!

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