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Best Dragons of Dragon City 

Newbies ask, which is the Best Dragon in Dragon City? So, the Dragon you need is the best in Dragon City. The perfect balance of power in the Dragons can tighten the nott of the fight. Hence, you fight to check the characters of the opposite Dragon before launching your one.

Metal Flame: Chainmail Dragon

The Dragon, with metallic and fire properties, is one of the most dangerous dragons in the dragon city. Chainmail Dragon represents the solidity and heat against ice and natural dragons.

Primal Nature: Grass Dragon

Primal Nature is one of the strongest earthy dragons in the dragon city. That is a grass dragon that is pretty active and resilient against other dragons.

Primal Electric: Ride Dragon

Primal Electric is a pretty dangerous dragon than nature grass dragons. That shows the power of electricity and rays while fighting. So, it is a more powerful dragon.

Primal Pure: Fins Dragon

Primal Pure represents the water body in the Dragon City game. As the game’s weak character, Still is harsh to the fire dragons. That is pure in energy.

Pure Terra: Clarity Dragon

Pure Terra also claims the clarity of power and skill. Terra is the pretty dangerous Dragon of the dragon city. But a sandstorm is a big threat to the clarity dragon.

Which is the Best Dragon to have?

There is no doubt that finding the best dragons in Dragon City is not an easy task. Since there are so many dragon types and a dragon is not limited to one element but can have four elements at once. It is safe to say that naming a single dragon “the best” is nearly impossible.

There are no less than nine categories in Dragon city best dragon to serve you with comprehensive support.

  • Elemental Dragons
  • Hybrid Dragons
  • Rare Hybrid Dragons
  • Legend Dragons
  • Sanctuary Dragons
  • Exclusive Elemental Dragons
  • Exclusive Hybrid Dragons
  • Exclusive Rare Hybrid Dragons
  • Exclusive Legend Dragons

Possibilities to locate dragon city best dragon

There are almost six rarities to locate the best dragon.

Common Dragons:

As the name says, these dragons are common to find and are favorable for real-time gameplay. Usually, you start the game with this type of dragon.

Rare Dragons:

These are the dragon city best dragon that has less chance of appearing as your first dragon. However, these dragons are suitable to have at the start of the game.

Top 5 Best Rare Dragons: 

  1. Lancelot Dragon.
  2. Fury Dragon.
  3. Mighty Mantis Dragon.
  4. Taj Mahal Dragon.
  5. Reason Dragon.

rare dragons

Very Rare Dragons:

These are even lesser than rare dragons and have a meager chance of appearing as your starting dragon.

Top 5 Very Rare Dragons:

  1. Dreamgaze Emerald Dragon.
  2. Iceling Dragon.
  3. Fudge Dragon.
  4. Virtue Dragon.
  5. Black Metal Dragon.


Epic Dragons:

Epic dragons are not found, but they are bought in the game store using diamonds or gold.

Legend Dragons:

Legend dragons are only obtained by paying a very handsome number of diamonds.

How I Get All Lagendary Dragons Form Dragon City:

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Heroic Dragons:

Heroic dragons are only available when there is a special event.

As you can see, with so many lists and so many variations. One can easily get confused about which dragon will be the best.

Top Heroic Dragons in Dragon City:

heroic dragons ranked

The top dragon city best dragon in according to their rank and status.

Common Dragons: Destiny

Destiny is the strongest dragon in the Common Dragons. It is the purest dragon of its Primary element. So, this dragon is the king among the common dragon city best dragons with an overall rank of 1169 among all species. Hence, it has got the 3rd rank among all the common dragons. This dragon has a total damage score of 5850, the highest of common dragons.

Top 5 Best Common Dragons:

  1. Katsumoto Dragon.
  2. Bjorn Dragon.
  3. Mace Dragon.
  4. Clarity Dragon.
  5. Big Fins Dragon.

common dragons

Rare Dragons: Scout

Scout is a dragon that lives up to his name. There is nothing that can escape his eyes. Hence, he is the master of sneak attacks and Stealth. He is also the master of disguise, which is a skill that helps him a lot during battles and patrol.

His enemies fear him because he is so stealthy that no one ever sees when he comes and attacks. Scout’s primary element is Metal, but he can also learn Earth and Planet moves. He ranks 476 in all dragons and is the no 1 in all rare dragons and category 3. But scout also comes with a price tag of 2000 diamonds which is pretty heavy.

Scout Dragon

Very Rare Dragons: Cloudberry

Cloudberry is certainly a dragon city best dragon, but he is a weak dragon. He used to guard the queen’s garden against parasites until he got greedy and stole a little too much fruit, which transformed him into a fruit. Cloudberry is a very rare dragon city best dragon with the primary element of the plant, but he can also learn light and war moves. Cloudberry has a rank of 356 among all dragons and 2nd rank among Very rare dragons with all category 4 dragons.

Cloudberry Dragon

Epic Dragons: Pyramid

Pyramid is one of the seven wonders of the world dragons and is one of a kind if you want to stumble upon it. It is an ancient beast that has been worshipped for centuries. This beast gets more powerful with each battle. Its stats are incredible as well. It has overall damage of 7400, is ranked 253 among all dragons, and is ranked 6th among all epic dragons.

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Pyramid Dragon

Heroic Dragons: High Resolution

This dragon is just the strongest in its league. It also has the most damage in its league, with an impressive 9000 damage. The primary element of this dragon is Pure, but it can also learn Electric, Fire, and Ice moves. It is ranked 12th among all dragons and 2nd in Heroic Dragons with category 11 dragons.

High Resolution Dragon

Legend Dragons: Prideful Vampire

Like its name, the Prideful Vampire takes great pride in being the deadliest dragon in the league of dragons. This dragon has too much pride to lose a fight and prefers to die than lose a battle. It is ranked 2nd among all the Legend dragons with category 10. It has overall damage of 9600, which makes it the deadliest in its league.

Prideful Vampire dragon city

Final verdict

Hence, finding the dragon city best dragon is not an easy task. First, you must play and experience the gameplay to get a proper evaluation.

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