Dragon City Breeding Calculator Guide 2023

Creative gamers love to play breeding games. The fantasy of creating dragons, watching them growing up, and making them powerful. However, this is not a real-life possibility. But breeding games allows us to fulfill such fantasies in the online world. For this reason, millions of people like to play Dragon City. But most don’t have the information about the breeding guide. For such creative players, Dragon City Breeding Calculator is an all-in-one solution.

The Dragon City breeding calculator helps to understand the breeding process. It teaches you how to breed a small dragon and convert it into a giant monster. Remember, if you breed the dragon perfectly, you get a powerful monster. This powerful monster will be unbeatable in any battle.


Whenever you decide to breed any 2 dragons. Sometimes you may be hesitant to choose the 2 dragons type. Dragon City Breeding Calculator helps you to get out of this confusing situation. It provides you with the exact result rate of your selected breed parents. What you need is to enter the dragons and their levels. The calculator instantly generates the result.

Some key features of this tool are

  • Time-saving factor
  • Accurate outcome
  • Virus-free, secure & reliable results


Breeding is an interesting process in Dragon City Mod Apk. The gamer breeds two dragons resulting in a Dragon egg. You can have these dragon eggs without using gold or gems. The outcomes of eggs depend upon the elements of the parent dragons.

During breeding, only 1 element of each parent dragon transfers to the baby dragon. Times also matter, so you need to watch out for it too. Some main purposes of breeding are

Get better dragons for battles.

  • To increase the gold rewards.
  • Achieve the related rewards by completing the dragon book.
  • Sell the hatched eggs to generate income and experience.

Features of Dragon City Breeding Calculator

Let’s have a look at the features of the game breeding calculator.

  • It provides a good graphical user interface.
  • Suitable for all android devices Bug-free & Malware
  • Easy to use
  • Provides result instantly
  • Availability of almost all languages
  • Gives breeding combinations for all types of dragon
  • Automatic calculation system
  • Suggest tips for all events

8 Unbreedeable Dragons

An important thing to remember is that there are 8 elemental dragons. These dragons are just for buying purposes. You cannot have them by the breeding method. These are

  • Flame Dragon
  • Sea Dragon
  • Nature Dragon
  • Electric Dragon
  • Metal Dragon
  • Ice Dragon
  • Dark Dragon
  • Terra Dragon

Reasons Behind Unbreedable Dragons

Sometimes gamers face complex situations. Such as, they want to breed 2 specific dragons but can’t. There are 2 main reasons.


The chosen dragons include in the list of breedable dragons. But some are inappropriate for each other. This situation occurs with Dragons that own only 1 element. Some examples of this type of specific couple are

  • Terra + Metal
  • Flame + Ice
  • Light + Dark.


The selected dragons are not present in the list of breedable dragons. Players face Such conditions when the selected dragons have only one element. The element relates to the Ancient world. As the dragons from the ancient world are unbreedable. For breeding purposes, it is crucial to select Hybrid dragons. These dragons have no ancient world element, nor are they limited to 1 element.

Dragon Breeding Time

You select 2 dragons for breeding purposes. The breeding time depends on which of the dragons has the longer hatching time. For example, you choose to breed Earth and Fire. As Earth dragon hatches in 5 seconds. In comparison, the Fire dragon hatches in 30 seconds. Thus the breeding time would be 30 seconds. The breeding time of different dragons is as follows.

  • Terra = 15 seconds
  • Sea, Flame & Flaming Rock = 30 seconds
  • Volcano= 1 minute
  • Nature = 20 minutes
  • Electric = 30 minutes
  • Bizzard & Dark = 2 hours
  • Waterfall = 4 hours
  • Mud, Nenufar & Cloud = 5 hours
  • Cactus, Metal, Spicy, Star = 7 hours
  • Moose, Mojito, Platinum = 9 hours
  • Ice, Storm, Laser, and all unique dragons = 12 hours
  • Penguin, Poo, and Pirate = 15 hours
  • Ice Cream, Alpine Fluorescent = 16 hours
  • Archangel = 18 hours
  • Exclusive Dragons = 20 hours
  • Justice, Rainbow, Sun =24 hours
  • War = 30 hours
  • Ice&Fire, Prisma, Two Headed = 32 hours
  • Dark Stone, Tesla, Nightwind, = 36 hours
  • Hydra = 44 hours
  • Pure Sea Pure Terra, Pure Nature = 48 hours
  • Legendary Dragons = 50 hours
  • Heroic Dragons = 51+ hours

Breeding Guide 2022 of Dragon City 

You need this guide when you start to play for the first time. In the first step, you need to pass all the basic levels. Try to reach level 4 by breeding on your own. Secondly, start building Breeding Tree or Breeding Mountain. This tree or mountain is where you choose the dragon to breed. Creating the egg of the dragon and then hatching it takes time.

The kinds of offspring depend on the parent dragons. Always start playing from the first generation. Yet try to breed high-generation dragons as much as possible. While moving forward, there are enough chances to purchase the gold.

How to Breed in Dragon City ?

Before breeding the dragons in the game of Dragon City, gamers must buy some dragons from the eggs. In the beginning, they don’t have their parents to generate them. These are the name of such specific types of dragons

  • Nature Dragon
  • Light Dragon
  • Dark Dragon
  • Flame Dragon
  • Nature Dragon
  • Pure Dragon
  • War Dragon
  • Terra Dragon
  • Metal Dragon
  • Ice Dragon

Breeding the Unique Dragon

Unique dragons are special dragons. They are not breedable. You can buy them by performing special offers and tasks. Or by completing some rounds. The strength of a Unique dragon is different from other dragons. They can have ordinary basic strength to the most powerful legends.

Some new updates of dragon city are there. Such as the breeding method of Unique Dragon. For this purpose, proper research is necessary. Try to get the hidden breeding formula. If you succeed in finding the secret formula. Then breeding any dragon becomes easier. Try to follow the roadmap from the beginning to achieve the desired success.

Breeding Ice Dragon

The Ice Dragon is an ordinary Dragon with the icing property. These are breedable dragons and take almost 9 hours to breed. While the hatching time is 15 hours. To buy an Ice Dragon, you need to spend 15000 gold. Breed the first dragon with Ice and the next with an Ice element to have an Ice Dragon.

The recent weather changes caused these dragons to migrate toward the North Pole. Ice dragons’ strengthening point is that they can move with 2 different element types. This feature damages the other dragons of Nature and War elements. But the Ice element determines its weakness also. When it is fighting with Metal and Flame elements, dragons.

Breeding Process of Legendary Dragon

There are 3 ways to breed legendary dragons.

  • The first method is to combine a War dragon with a Pure dragon. There would be a 40% chance that the result would be a Kratos dragon. This dragon knows moves of both kinds, War and Pure. Experts suggest repeating the process and recalling the duplicate Kratus dragons.
  • The second method is to try to breed any Legendary dragons. Try to pick a dragon that contains any single legend element. This process is possible by breeding two 2 Pure dragons together. The success rate is 1%, and it consumes a long time.
  • The last method is to upgrade the breeding sanctuary. It unlocks new breeding possibilities.


1- What is the fastest breeding in the Dragon City game?

15 seconds is the fastest breeding time by Terra dragon in the dragon city game. They require the same time to hatch, that is, 15 seconds. But remember, to choose the Terra dragons as the parents. In this way, you can avoid longer breeding times. Moreover, these dragons are famous for their love of dirt. Their nature is honest and humble. They have the power to control tectonic places. These are the places on which your islands stand.

2- What is the method of breeding a mirror dragon?

Combine Soccer dragon and Cool Fire dragon to get a Mirror dragon. You can have more legendary dragons if you try to combine pure dragons.

3- How to breed a crystal dragon?

A crystal dragon is a rare glossy dragon. She only shows herself when all the planets are correctly aligned. These dragons are breedable by breeding two dragons with different elements. One dragon with a Terra element while the other one with the Legend element. The crystal dragon is legendary.



Good news for pet lovers!

Now you can keep magical creatures, frogs, and even dragons as pets. Technology has made it magically possible. However, you can’t afford such pets in real life. That is why people love to play dragon city games. In this game, you need to breed and watch the dragons grow. But breeding is a complex method. Dragon city breeding calculator makes it easy and amusing.

Ready to get a ton of fun with the breeding calculator?

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