Dragon City Eggs-Everything about Eggs & Breeding

Dragon City: Everything about Eggs

Dragon City is one of the most famous dragon games on mobile. It is simple and delightful for people who want to pass the time, but it is also popular among people who wa nt to learn how strategies work. The goal of this game is simple, to build the most powerful Dragon City so you can rule it.

Dragon city game is all about obtaining eggs from breeding dragons, buying them from shops, or winning them from exclusive events in the calendar. You feed these dragons and level them up. Making them strong and powerful. You have to buy dragons with either gold or diamonds. In this game, gold is the primary money and we can use diamonds to purchase more unique dragon city eggs.

This article will discuss all the different types of dragon city eggs available in the game, which ones are breedable and which ones are not, and their different types.

Breedable Dragon city eggs

There are four types of breedable dragons. These dragons are:

Elemental Dragons

Elemental dragons correspond to their elements. These dragons can breed hybrid dragons, which possess the dual nature of elements. These eggs include Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Ice, Electrical, Dark, and Metal.

Elemental Dragons eggs

Hybrid Dragons

Hybrid dragons have more than one element type. These dragon city eggs can be made by breeding two elemental dragons. The first element is the primary or defending element of the dragon. So, this determines the damage that the dragon causes. Additional elements determine the type of attack.

Rare Hybrid Dragons

These are one-of-a-kind dragons that are bred by strategies. Rare hybrids are only born when you breed two hybrids of opposing elements. These rare hybrids can also be obtained when one of the parents is a legend. Rare hybrids have unique abilities which can be used to your advantage.

How to breed rare hybrid dragons? Watch this video

Legend Dragons

Legend dragon city eggs can be obtained by breeding “Pure” dragons. This is an extremely rare dragon type, and there is very little chance to get this. In Some Cases this dragon type is obtained purely by chance.

legendary eggs dragon city

Level Exclusive/Sanctuary Dragons

Sanctuary dragons are highly exclusive and are once-in-a-lifetime. These dragons are usually not breedable. What makes them exclusive is their availability in Dragon Black Market Offers, Special Calendar Events, or Exclusive Minigame Events.

Sanctuary Dragons

Although these Exclusive dragons are not usually breedable, certain types depend upon the dragon city eggs.

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Unbreedable Dragons

There are specific types of dragons that are unbreedable. These dragons are unbreedable because they are rare and don’t have any matches. There are four types of unbreedable dragons.

Exclusive Elemental Dragons

There is only one dragon in this category, and it is Poseidon. This dragon is exclusively a sea element and is unbreedable. This dragon is also a mighty one, usually. This type of dragon is very calm and sleepy, but if it is angry. This dragon can bring tsunamis and typhoons, making it the most powerful dragon.

Poseidon dragon

Exclusive Hybrid Dragons

There are low number of chances to have hybrid dragons because they are extremely exclusive. These exclusive hybrid dragons are unbreedable since they are exclusive. Significantly one type and people are fortunate to make this dragon from previous generations. There are three primary elements in this category: Flame Dragons, Ice Dragons, and Dark Dragons.

dragon city egg breeding

Exclusive Rare Hybrid Dragons

There are very few chances to get exclusive dragons. Most of these are not even elemental, and some them are so rare that a person can only access them once in a lifetime. Only a lucky person achieve them. However, often these dragons possess extraordinary abilities.

Exclusive Legend Dragons

These dragons are also special to obtain by special calendar events and season events. To get the eggs of these dragons is highly unlikely, and there is less than a 0.1% chance of winning these dragons. These dragon city eggs occasionally show up at the black market but with high visibility.

Final verdict

There are unlimited options in-game to get dragon city eggs and hatch them to get an ultimate game experience. Hence, some dragon city eggs are free, and others you can buy with gold.

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