Dragon City Element Chart

Playing dragon city and collecting vast numbers of dragons is always fun. Except when you go into battle without knowing the details of opponent dragons. The stronger dragon will win the game. This perspective does not work well in the game. To win the game, first, we have to look at the dragon city element chart to see which dragon fits for battle.

After knowing all details about the element chart. And understanding the winning combination in the battle. We make massive progress in the game. On the other hand, that chart helps us to breed new and powerful Dragons for the fight. With the help of this chart, you can create a huge collection of Dragons in the game.

Dragon city is a fantastic game for children and adults. The format of the game is to build a dragon empire by feeding and breeding dragons. The game has different events and battles to move to the next level. Gold and diamond are forms of money. We can select different elements for breeding and fighting purposes.

Description of Dragon City Element Chart

There are lots of dragons we can choose for battle in dragon city. Each dragon comes with its strength and weakness. Once we know all the dragon’s properties, it will be easier for us to choose a dragon to fight.

First, we must understand the dragon city elements chart. But looking at all the symbols might be confusing at first. But once we can understand the symbols, we can choose a dragon for battle, even if it is not a stronger one. Some of the symbols represent water. Other symbols elaborate fire features. Earthy features represent the mud or earth. And remaining symbols elaborate on the air.

But first, let us understand different elements and their meaning. For further breeding information click on the link and know the power through the Dragon City Breeding Calculator.

Element of Dragons in Dragon City

An element is a base unit of the dragon city game. The life and strength of the dragon depend on the element that it is made of. Its breeding and combat style depends on the element of the Dragon in the game. That’s the game’s main feature. Element displays the habitat in which dragons live and the skills they learn to fight. Dragon belongs to 20 different elements in the game. Of these, 14 are essential elements, and 6 are ancient elements.

Dragon City’s Primary Element

Each dragon can have up to 4 primary elements. These elements will not affect the dragon’s strength and weakness. But it means that it can learn four different moves to fight.

Dragon City Opposite Elements

The game has a rule that we cannot mix certain elements. For example, we cannot mix fire with ice. These are contrasting elements as they can have different properties. So dragons having a single element of such properties cannot breed.

But if the dragon has multi-element properties, we can try breeding.

  1. Ice, war, and Terra show weak defense and attack against their opposite element.
  2. Sea, Metal, and flame show solid defense and damage to the opponents.
  3. Light and dark shows weak defense but a solid attack to its opposite element.
  4. Electricity and nature show no special defense and attack their opposite element.

Dragon City Element Token

We receive tokens while playing the dragon city events, which we use to improve the habitat past level 2. We can get tokens even by opening the calendar.

Elemental Habitats of Dragons in Dragon City

Each element has its habitat. And each habitat has its benefits and drawbacks. For instance, Terra dragons earn high gold, while Terra habitat has low gold capacity. Whereas the sea dragon earns low gold, its habitat has a higher capacity. To solve this issue, breed them together. To get the waterfall or mud dragon; thus, we can put them in the sea habitat.

Dragon City Attacking Elements

Each dragon can attempt four attacks on the opponent dragon. The attack is of three types.

  • Critical attack (double damage)
  • Weak attack (half damage)
  • No effect (no damage)

Under these three categories few dragons are dangerous. Whether few are semi-dangerous and the rest are harmless dragons. So, when you launch a dragon in the Dragon City battle, check whether is suitable to fight or not.

Best Element of Dragon City

The best elements of the game are Primal, Light, Legend, War, and Pure, as they produce the most gold. While Sea, Nature, Terra, and Flame are the first to store as they produce very little gold.

Understanding Dragon City Element Chart

First Row

Indicates all the primary elements. These are defending elements of the dragon.

Second Row

Indicates the damage (x2) elements will observe. They are dangerous elements.

Third Row

Indicates the element will only be half damaged. Under the attack of primary elements.

Fourth Row

State that no damage will occur to elements. Under the attack of primary elements.

The game will give you all the details about the excellent battle(fight) chart. From the chart, we will get to know all the details of the elements which can do double damage. And the elements which are not so effective in a battle.

We recommend looking at the element chart to choose enemies. And picking the correct dragon to win the battle. A strong dragon means it can handle double damage. At the same time, the weak can only deal with half the damage in the battle attack. Always go for the dragon who can handle double damage.

If, in case, you are fighting against a stronger dragon that can bear double damage. Then obviously, your opponent is one step ahead. To understand suppose a fire element dragon is against a water element dragon in a battle. As per the dragon city element chart. The fire element can damage the opponent’s water element dragon twice. Whilst only has half damage.

So, always choose a dragon that can do double damage to the opponent in the battle to win. It’s essential to check the dragon city element chart. Thus, we know about all the winning combinations of dragons.

How to Deal with Attacking Element of Opponent

If you look at the dragon city element chart, to fight with Ruby, scientific and Joseon dragons. We have Pure, Metal, Fire, Water, Electric, and water elements. All these elements cannot come together. So we will concentrate on significant ones: electric, Metal, fire, or Terra.

To find out the focus elements, look at the enemy’s dragon’s elements they share. Like, Joseon and Ruby dragons have an element of fire, whereas Scientific has an element of Terra. Concentrate, make a strategy. And determine which elements will have the upper hand on the opponent elements.

Use the dragon city element chart to find dragons that can take on elements like war, dark, water, and light. Pick up the dragon with the most suitable elements to fight the opponent. Use the “swap dragon” option to see if your dragon can have a thrilling fight with the opponent. It’s an added function, and the button’s location is beneath the screen.

Dragon City- Special Elements

Some dragons have their unique elements. They are like essential elements and have the same dealing with other elements. Below you can see some unique elements. Also, essential elements with which they resemble:

  1. Viking –Flame
  2. Demon –Dark
  3. Aztec – Nature
  4. Omega – Sea
  5. Egyptian – Electric


    How many elements are there in the dragon city element chart?

    Approximately there are almost 20 elements in the dragon city game. A dragon can have up to four primary elements. Plant and water are more robust than earth elements.

    Can we mix all the elements?

    No, we cannot mix all the elements because some have opposite properties. We call them contrasting elements. Like we cannot mix fire and ice elements. So, do in Dragon’s Element.

    Any new upcoming element in the dragon city game?

    A new element is launching in the upcoming game version known as “the ancient element.” This element will drain the opponent’s attack power while increasing its power.

    Which is the weakest and which is the Strongest element?

    Weak Element Dragons: Helium is the weakest element as it is light and non-reactive.

    Strongest Element Dragons: Light, War, Legend, and pure are the best dragons.


    To play this great game, download it. Please select the best combination of dragons for your battles to win them. Keep a close look at the opponent elements and select your elements intelligently. Choose a dragon who can dispense double damage against the enemy.

    Make sure now you will be able to know about the dragon city element chart. And the importance of selecting the correct dragon for the battle. The point to remember is not to go for a strong dragon always. But to select the right dragon for a fight from the dragon city element chart.

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